Make Your Goals a Reality with Catalyst Education

Students study with us for many different reasons. Some live remotely, some want to change careers, others require flexibility due to personal needs, training schedules, work, illness, disability or family commitments. Regardless of why you want to further your education or what your goals are, we’re so glad you’ve come to us.


Your success is our priority

Catalyst Education considers your success our first priority. Our primary purpose is to help you to earn and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). With all these options available to you, and personalized academic and guidance support available when you need it, you’re ideally set-up to achieve your goal.

Ontario High School Diploma

When you complete your high school diploma at Catalyst Education, you will earn the credits and credentials needed to pursue your higher education and career goals. We make it easy to achieve all the requirements, including the literacy and community involvement requirements that apply to you. Whatever your goals, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) can help you achieve them.

Personal academic and guidance support

Our team of academic advisors and guidance counsellors understand students and how they learn. When you face problem, they can help you to understand your options, and help to ensure you continue moving forward towards your goal.

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