Getting Started with Catalyst Education Is Easy!

On this page, we outline everything you need to know to take the next step towards your education and career goals. Whether you are young or established; applying with a clear education goal or figuring it out as you go; our objective right now is to explain the Catalyst Education application process so you know exactly what to expect and feel confident. It’s time to start your application.

Can I enroll with Catalyst Education?

A High School Diploma Course Enrolment

Want to earn your full high school diploma with Catalyst International?

Complete these 4 easy steps to get your Ontario High School Diploma.

1. Initial Program Registration

Proceed to Apply Now to start an application. Note that information entered here cannot be changed later in the process, so please ensure accuracy.

2. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Once you applied and uploaded the correct required documents as explained.

A Catalyst Education guidance counsellor will review your academic record (if applicable); and recommend which courses you need to take to earn your high school diploma. Please watch your email for a response with further instructions approximately 7 days after uploading and submitting your supporting documentation. It is important to note that transcript and academic assessment will be repeated very year to monitor the progress.

3. Final Program Enrolment and Fee Payment

As soon as your Prior Learning Assessment is ready, Student Registration Agreement including fees and payment options, and also Release of Information (ROI) form will be sent to students. Both Student Registration Agreement and Release of information form have to be signed by parents. Clear scanned copy of the signed documents should be sent to

Original copies should be sent to Catalyst Education.

4. Get Started!

Once your agreement is signed and your fee is paid, your application is now completed. Your log in details to our online program will be sent to you. You will have all details on how you manage your program with confidence. Now you are ready to START! 

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